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1. History and Mission: The Message is Clear

• With its 11-year history, and its close ties to Beijing Tourism Administration, BTM is positioned in the marketplace a "cut above the rest" as Beijing's authoritative short-term English-language tourism magazine
• Staying well clear of the choked and bargain-basement "cynical expat" market, BTM instead aims for a photojournal style, with in-depth articles that positively add to any Beijing holiday or business trip
• Our mission is to strengthen our strong alignment with the vital and cashed-up "3-star and up" short-stay market, and offer a useful, literary alternative to the "listings plus" throw-away style of other English-language magazines
• Research tells us Chinese national readers of English magazines look for deep, detailed articles -- the kind that only BTM provides

2.Basic Information

• Sixty-four pages
• Glossy; perfect-bound
• Monthly (Street date: 1st)
• English with Chinese-character navigational information

3.Editorial Focus

• The focus of the magazine has changed with the priorities of our readers -- beyond the "Big 6" Beijing historical sites to the streets, sights, sounds of "real" Beijing
• Written by specialists, our in-depth features go "beyond the guide-book" to involve readers in Beijing, and create unique-themed opportunities for our advertisers

4.Circulation - strategic points

• 70,000 copies per month
• Distributed exclusively at the Capital Airport
• Extensive distribution network of hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, airline and tourism offices, schools and universities
• Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Hong Kong, 20 Chinese overseas embassies


• Our readers are high-income and mobile, with over 60% being on their first or second visit to Beijing
• 30% of our readership is a "core" of long-term Beijing residents, both expatriate and English-reading Chinese, the primary group attending "high culture" events in the city
• 78% of our readers list their income as in excess of US$40,000 per year

6.Future Mission

• An expansion from 64 pages to 80 pages, to both increase our number of 4-page features (from the current 3-5 to 5-7 per issue), and to expand our "Fast Facts" section into a far more comprehensive "Beginner's Guide to Beijing," featuring Beijing's best tourism map, from our sister publication "Map of Beijing"
• Building on recent positive responses to our comprehensive "Guide" articles, an extension to this column is planned,  with great themed advertising opportunities
• More focus on our Web site, as it transitions into the deepest Beijing-related content-source on the web


1.In-depth for short-term tourists in Beijing

• Beyond Beijing's "Big 6" tourist sites, there is a whole city to explore
• Only Beijing This Month provides the detailed coverage necessary to get short-term tourists "out there" into the broader Beijing marketplace

2.The best first hand info about art and cultural activities

• As the senior English-language magazine, Beijing This Month is first on the guest list, and first with the coverage of the big events
• Our editorial staff's expertise in both Chinese and Western cultures gives unequalled depth to our coverage of the sights, sounds, and streets of Beijing

3.High purchasing power target readership

• Leaving the no-money/low-money "backpacker" budget tourist and cynical expat market for others to squabble over, BTM's targeted distribution network, and our superior quality production values and editorial content directly targets high-purchasing power readers
• Both our local and our overseas readers LOVE our detailed content, which takes them off the beaten path, and opens new experiences and spending opportunities to them
• BTM controls the ONLY English-language tourist information available at the Capital Airport

4.Diverse international background of editorial team

• A diverse collection of writers from the USA, the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, augmented by talented freelancers, maintains our international and culturally balanced editorial voice

5.Stronger Circulation

• With the most extensive distribution in Beijing's top-category hotels, and EXCLUSIVE airport distribution, Beijing This Month is taken home by tourists; our advertisers enjoy prolonged international exposure unavailable in other English-language magazines

6.Professionalism and commitment on sales services

• We are committed to serve our advertising clients wholeheartedly. We know the importance of flexibility, and can accommodate the needs of our clients, tailoring our services to meet every requirement
• Better sales service, exclusive native-English editorial assistance, exclusive cross-branding opportunities


1.Sophisticated yet diversified editorial content

• BTM's editorial system ensures even coverage of all aspects of Beijing life
• Every story aims to be "cross categorised" to maximize effect and maintain reader interest
• Basic categories include: Arts and Culture; Beijing Basics; Dining; Health & Wellness; Love and Life; Nightlife; Shopping; Sport; and Classifieds
• Each basic category is further divided into subcategories, which maps onto our Web site schema

2. Monthly themes for the coming year

Winter getaways in and around Beijing, Yanqing, the "Winter Wall," skiing, hotel "pamper" weekends and packages
Spring Festival / Valentine's Day, hotel Valentine's Day packages, "romantic night out" guide (where to go with that special someone)
Fashion Week (Autumn and Winter Collections), Beijing cinema, film industry, camera shops / development options in Beijing, photo exhibitions (this is "gallery" season)
Meet In Beijing Festival, music scene, "out of hibernation" guide (all of the new openings of bars, clubs, restaurants - this is "opening" season)
May Day, 10-page photo essay "Changing Beijing" - to become yearly May feature, Beijing for Kids (things you can take the whole family to in the city)
The Great Outdoors ("adventure sports" in Beijing and surroundings) the "resort cities" on Beijing's fringe (Huairou, et al), dining "Lao Beijing" style (cheap and cheerful)
The Great Indoors (escaping the summer heat in bars, Beijing's big museums, hotel bars)
The Big Five (The Wall / Ming Tombs, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Lama Temple, Tiantan), making the best of your "Big Five" day out (self-guided, or "How to avoid the caps and flags")
An Autumn Night Out - take advantage of the beautiful, balmy evenings to relax  outdoors at night (Shichahai, Nurenjie, Sanlitun, Dongzhimen, Wudaokou and more.)
National Day, High-tech Beijing (computers, mobiles, hotspots, chat rooms, blogs, online culture)
Fashion Week (Spring and Summer Collections), "Eat Around the World" in Beijing - the best of foreign cuisine highlighted - perhaps an "editor's choice" in each category
Holiday Special, a "what's hot" buying guide, "highlights" issue, a "Made In China" excellence story (goods that are made in China but that are best in the world quality)



• Our circulation and distribution is wide, yet targeted and strategic
• Concentrating on the "spending" expat community (not the backpackers) and "aspirational" destinations for our local readers
• Our magazines are not dog-eared "leavers"; our readers take them home, and leave them on their coffee tables, maximizing our advertiser's reach and exposure

2.List of circulation points

• Hotels
• High-End Office Buildings
• Foreign-Resident Apartments
• Restaurants and Recreation
• International Clinics
• Airlines
• Universities and Educational Institutes
• VIP Rooms at the Airport
• Travel Information Center
• Governmental Foreign Service Institutes
• Embassies

3. Circulation analysis


Hotels 37.3%
Airport 11%
Office Building & Apartments 22.2%
Bars & Restaurants 5%
Foreign Airlines 4.2%
Universities 3.8%
Subscription 3%
Embassies 5.5%
Others 5.3%
Tourism & Investment Sectors 2.7%



• High-purchasing-power: People with annual incomes of over US$40,000 represent over 75% of our total readership
• Aspirational: 30% of our total readership are 3-star plus tourists; of our local readership, 90% are 25-45 AND list their income as being over US$20,000
• Professional: 50% of our total readership list their professions as middle or upper management, or government/diplomatic decision-makers


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